A Proud Indian Father – A Lesson to All

Huffington Post in Canada just posted a Tweet about the Indian man whose daughter was gang-raped and murdered. He’s determined to release her name to the public. He wants legislation created in her name. He’s proud of his daughter, who fought for her life.

Seeing this brought tears to my eyes. This is a far cry from the fathers in the middle east who have murdered their own daughters for having been raped. The world is changing, and will continue to change. It’s terrible that it has to change by way of these sorts of events, but it’s better that these events cause change, than for them to go unnoticed by the world.

Reuters is unable to release this young woman’s name due to a legal ban by Indian authorities, but if her father has his way that will change. The horror that this family has endured is unimaginable to the general public. Unless you’ve had a relative who has been gang-raped to death, it’s hard to come anywhere close to a real understanding of what this family is going through. The fact that her father has pushed beyond his own pain to try to get her recognized in the world is simply amazing.

It’s time the world stopped blaming the victims, and started standing up for them, in court, on the street, and in homes all over the world. Rape is not a crime that a woman can be blamed for. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, or how she’s acting. As I’ve stated to others, if a man walked naked down the street and another man decided he’d like some of that, does he have to bend over and take it? No. It wouldn’t matter what man you asked, the answer would be an unequivocal, “No!”

A person can be arrested for public indecency for not wearing enough clothes, but the fine is minimal according to law, so who is it that has the right to say a person deserves to be raped for what they’re wearing?

The sad truth is, that’s simply an excuse some of these monsters make for their behaviour. It wouldn’t matter what the woman was wearing, because these types of men think they’re entitled to have whatever it is they want. They feel small inside, so they choose someone vulnerable to inflict their rage on. A real man has no need to rape or abuse anyone. A real man feels like a real man without taking anything away from another person. A real man feels secure in himself, and understands that everyone has a choice. A real man has no need to take that choice away.

Not that it would make this poor family feel any better, but massive kudos go out to them for their bravery and insistence that their daughter be remembered for the brave young woman that she was, and that she be known by name to the world. It remains to be seen whether or not the Indian government will allow this to happen.

Not only did these horrible men destroy her life, but they’ve torn apart a family and a country. Some of them are facing the death penalty. Normally I’m leery of the death penalty because mistakes happen and sometimes innocent people are convicted, but in this case I say, gun them down in cold blood after raping them with an iron rod. Let the punishment fit the crime.

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