Productivity Despite My Best Intentions

My daughter asked a question last night that took me by surprise. Something she seems to do often. Nearly three weeks ago, it was a complaint about all the hot guys being my age (see that post here). Last night she asked me if I ever took a break. My answer was the intellectually-stunted, “Huh?” Actually I think she asked me first how many articles I’d written this week. I was slightly ashamed that it was only two articles, since I have others in my head that I really want to do. I answered her, and then added that I’ve done a blog every day. That’s when she asked the question I referred to.

There I was, thinking I’ve been completely unproductive, taking it easy perhaps, what with all the upheaval with Stimpy and not having painkillers. This is not the case, apparently. I’ve also been plotting out past guests for The Kovacs Perspective, so that I have an idea where to go with the guests for the show. You know, not repeating topics or guests without a good reason to do so, making sure they fall in line with the theme of the show, and aiming for enlightening subject matter. I still have to go back and watch all of the previous episodes, although that’s not a hardship in any way. It’s a great show, after all. It just takes a bit of time.

Then there’s still my novel. I’ve actually got that open even as I write this – I’ll have chapter eight done of the final draft today, which puts me at about 20% completion. I’ve done a couple of pages, but I didn’t want to cut close to my self-imposed deadline for this blog again, like I did last night, so I popped over here. I’ve been making it a practice to have a new post every day. I didn’t start out that way, but as my traffic continues to go up I realize it would be stupid to lose the rhythm at this point.

I can’t seem to resist the urge to work lately. Admittedly, the work I do is by choice, always, and since most of it involves writing that means it’s something I enjoy. Even doing the guest plotting on spreadsheets is something I like. I have a sick enjoyment of Excel. I don’t know why. There’s something very cool about what I can do with it. It’s far more versatile than most people realize. I love doing drop-down menus and options, data validation…okay, I did say it was sick, didn’t I? What can I say? I used to work as an accountant. Not a field I imagined myself working in before I got there, but there you have it. Another weird and winding road in life.

With Stimpy’s illness easing off a bit, and it not being a constant life and death battle for several days now, I’ve been able to get a lot more done than I realized. However, my gaming is suffering tremendously. I haven’t been able to play a game for more than a couple of minutes at a time, and I spend most of that time multi-tasking something else. Sad, I know, but it can’t be helped. My brain demands to be taken out for a walk when it’s like this.

Man, if only I had full brain capacity like this, but without pain, I can only imagine the crazy stuff I could be doing. I wish I could handle the pain without going crazy, actually. I have zero interest in being high these days. For me this pharmaceutical interval of several years has cured me of any interest in recreational drugs. I used to think I had an addictive personality, but I really don’t. I’ve walked away from everything addictive in my life with almost no effort. Smoking, you name it.

Well, it’s back to the book for me. I might as well take advantage of the mood. Maybe I’ll get the damn book on shelves yet. Watch for it. It’s a killer.

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