Moving Forward…Apparently Requires a Car

For the last couple of years I haven’t had a car. I used to own a 1996 BMW 318iS. I loved that car. I loved the feel of shifting gears, the control, the speed, the cornering, you name it – I just loved that car. It was also the most reliable car I have ever known. It was actually built in a plant in Germany, rather than one in North America. When I started having serious problems with my hip joints, however, I discovered that the operation of the clutch pedal was something I was no longer equipped to do. It’s depressing to find out you can’t depress a stupid pedal…weak and pathetic pun intended. I had no choice but to let the car go.

So, I really miss my old car. I had decided years ago, while I still had the car, that I would buy a newer model one day, because I wanted one with slightly more advanced audio technology (a CD player, as mine had only a tape deck, although it did have a stack plug in the trunk). I’m not into the new body style they came out with from 1999 on. Too bubbly for me, although maybe I’m getting used to it now. A ’98 is where I’ve set my sights. My biggest regret is that I can’t rock a stick anymore (and you can take that pun anyway you feel appropriate…I’ll allow you to amuse yourself there). I’m going to be stuck with an automatic, and it just seems like such a waste of a car to me.

They stopped making the 318iS at some point, and started going with a bigger engine. So, I’ll be getting a different 3-series instead, as soon as I can afford it, although I’m not certain which version – would love to have the convertible, but it’s not too practical in Canada when you don’t have a winter car. I’ve been considering going with a cheaper car, but realize it’ll cost me far more in maintenance than I could possibly save on the purchase price. I had my last BMW for years, and I think the tires and a rear strut are the only things I had to replace. The wheel bearing was going, so another $500 would have been required. Not bad for several years’ maintenance. Any other used car I had I was fixing about $200 worth of stuff on them every bloody month.

I did some checking on pricing, and they range anywhere from $2000, so I guess I don’t have to worry about the price as much as I thought. Back when I bought mine I paid $10,000 for it, but it was worth over $11,000 when I researched it. I drove that car, though, and everyone assumed I was rich, or a gang member of some sort. Hardly. A beautiful car that looks like it’s worth far more than it is. Everyone can afford a Beemer, and they’re worth it!

I used to believe in buying local to support the economy, but I got really tired of the manufacturers taking that for granted. North American manufacturers tend to make garbage, and they play on patriotism to maneuver people into thinking that shouldn’t matter. Well, it does. It doesn’t speak well for the US and Canada that there is no pride in the workmanship. You don’t get that from a lot of the foreign manufacturers. They know they’re up against patriotism, so they make cars to compensate.

Never mind the fact that the local companies are taking constant corporate bail-outs and refusing to change their business practices as a result. They need to go under so that someone else can start building cars here. Someone who knows what they’re doing both on the engineering side and on the business side. True capitalism requires that companies be allowed to fail, not that they get bail-outs whenever they’re in trouble. The problem is, car manufacturers fall under the loose heading of transportation, which has been mandated by the US government as being too vital to fail – hence the unending bail-outs. Give me a break. A company makes a crappy car it’s going to fail anyway.

So, the decision is made on the car anyway. I need one, so I’ll buy one. I also need other things, including more vet care for Stimpy, and a few pieces of furniture so I can have a decent living and work space. I’ve been working on entering my business receipts for my back-taxes, and I’m almost done a year’s worth, which means I’ll have the money to buy whatever I want (I don’t actually want many things, thankfully). I need to get a passport now, too. I’m a grown-up – really – I swear.

Of course, just a few years ago I didn’t need a passport unless I wanted to travel to Europe or something. You could board a plane or drive across the border without one. I think even two or years ago I could drive down to the US with just my driver’s licence, but they changed all that over a little bit at a time. Now a passport is a necessity. I’ve put it off long enough. I’m going to Disney World, damn it! So much for me being a grown-up, huh? Actually, that’s not my first priority, which brings me up a level toward adulthood I suppose. I have other things I need to do first.

Speaking of things I need to do, I have to remember to finish my workout. I’m back with the weights again. Five pounds each, which isn’t much, but it’s better than sitting on my ass doing nothing. I got interrupted mid-way through my upper body workout when I suddenly realized I need to eat or I was going to pass out. I kinda forgot this morning. I’ve been getting bad for that. I need to get some eggs, too. I’ve been seriously lacking in protein intake, which will not assist my muscles on their comeback tour. Eggs will be my muscle-groupies.

I can’t get back to the dancing, sadly, because my legs lock inside the hip joint. Just trying to do hip-drops in belly dancing defeats me, and it’s a simple move. I can shimmy better than I can drop, but the whole dance thing just ain’t happenin’ for me at the moment. At least I’m pretty sure I can still have sex, but it’s been so long I think I might have forgotten the tune.

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