Sexual Choices and the Numbers Game

I finally got a little bit more serious about dating recently. It only took me nearly six years, but I got around to it in the end. I know I’ve talked about dating, expressing my personal take on a whole list of shenanigans, but it’s only been within the last week or so that I really put any kind of effort into it. When you stop to consider that I went on a total of 5 dates in just over 5 years, none of which resulted in a second date, I wasn’t exactly tearing through them at the speed of light. I guess it’s no surprise then, that I’m not the type to date more than one guy at the same time. In fact, I won’t even talk to other potential dates if I’m already talking to someone in that capacity. I’m just not built that way.

So many people treat dating as a numbers game, and it’s incredibly easy to do that when you go the route of online dating. After all, you set up a profile that’s relatively anonymous, and you aren’t forced to date people that live close to you where you might run into someone else you happen to be dating. Plus, you’re able to carry on multiple conversations at once and then set up a dating schedule accordingly. Many people do it this way, which is fine for them I suppose but it’s just too much work for me. Partly that’s an honesty thing. You see, it’s not really tactful to tell someone you’re meeting three other potential partners that same night (or that week), and that you’ll get back to them if there’s ‘still an opening’ (tongue in cheek) when you’ve picked everyone over.

The alternative is to not say anything at all. While there really isn’t an obligation to tell all your secrets to a person you’ve only had one date with, however, it still feels dishonest to me. It’s just far less complicated to my way of thinking, to not have three other dates lined up. Maybe it sounds arrogant, but I’m considered fairly good dating material, so setting up three dates at a time falls under the heading of easy-peasy. To be fair, most women find dates pretty easily. The difficulty has more to do with the quality of dates.

Dating the way I do means that it can take a lot longer to find someone that’s okay with waiting more than 24 hours before knocking boots. Whenever I’ve run into the less than patient ones I’ve gotten rather discouraged at the state of dating these days and thumbed my nose at it – for a while anyway. I don’t consider myself a coward, or a person that gives up easily. Ergo, the dating horse gets ridden again – no, I’m not seeing a horse, though I do have them on my mind these days. You’ll have to wait for an explanation on that one, as I do like to keep a few cards close to the vest.

Along with not wanting to treat dating as a numbers game, I have other conflicts. Call me complicated. To start with I’m a feminist who believes in sexual freedom. I feel everyone should have the choice to have sex at whatever point they want to, without being labeled for it. After all, if you want to wait you get labeled a prude usually. If you want to bang on the first date, woah…the word ‘slut’ rears its ugly head. Now, I’m not all that concerned with the opinions of others when it comes to any of my choices, sexual or otherwise, and if a man doesn’t like the choice I make they’re not the man for me anyway.

It’s interesting to me that I might be labeled a prude because I like to get to know someone first, when I’m rather open-minded when it comes to actually doing the deed. I’m a feisty one. I just don’t burn up the sheets with anyone and everyone who gives me an hour of their time. Admittedly there are reasons for that beyond shyness and simply learning to be comfortable with a person. I’ve got a past that has built certain kinds of walls around me, and those of you who have been reading my blog for some time already know about that past so I won’t bore you with a new iteration.

So, if I were to be labeled a prude for waiting to have sex, what do we call a person who jumps into bed with someone and doesn’t put any effort or interest into it? Doesn’t sound like a hot tamale to me, so I’m not sure why that would be a sought-after prize. Sure, if someone is merely looking to gouge another notch in the bed post that might be adequate. Instant gratification for our desires, however, tends to fall flat. Sometimes anticipation is a far greater aphrodisiac than people can imagine. Not to mention the fact that the anticipation can be heightened by conversations about sex beforehand. If you’re at all liberated you can discuss some of the things you enjoy and take out a bit of the awkwardness when you finally do get down to it.

Luckily my own version of the numbers game, wherein I talk to and see one person at a time, seems to have worked out for me. No guarantees, of course, but many hours of phone conversations combined with spending a bit of time together, has so far resulted in a fair bit of intrigue on my part. Guess we’re off to the races.

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